Physical Therapy

&  Wellness Center, Inc.

7800 Red Road. Suite 105. South Miami, FL 33143

Yudy Canciobello, BSCE, PTA, NCPT®, LSVT-BIG®

Physical Therapy Assistant

National Certified Pilates Instructor​

LSVT BIG® Certified

Yudelkis (Yudy) Canciobello is a Physical Therapy Assistant who received her associates degree at Miami-Dade College. Prior to coming to the United States, Yudy received a Bachelors in Civil Engineering in Cuba, her motherland. She soon realized that that career path was not her passion, and decided to switch concentrations inspired by her husband who worked as a physiotherapist back in Cuba. Yudy developed an interest in human anatomy and all aspects of human movement, which lead her to pursue a career in the field of Physical Therapy.

Yudy’s final clinical internship allowed her to train under Dr. Anna K. Tischenko, PT, PhD, who would soon become her mentor and future employer. Dr. Tischenko and Yudy have been working as a team ever since. During all the years working at Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, Yudy has taken additional coursework in Manual Therapy, Kinesio-taping and Post-Stroke rehabilitation. Yudy also became a Certified Pilates Instructor and a Certified LSVT BIG clinician. She has treated patients in a variety of clinical areas including post-operative, orthopedics, and neurological disorders. Yudy practices a patient-centered approach to treatment, with a strong emphasis on therapeutic exercises, postural/core stability, functional manual therapy & movement training, and patient education & empowerment. Outside of the clinic, Yudy enjoys spending time with her husband and son, working out, and listening to music and dancing.