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​​Group Classes

In our Group Pilates Classes, we will work together to keep your body in motion, and continue to enhance your core strength, postural alignment, and flexibility. During class, all the Principles of Movement will be explored.

Under the guidance of our movement specialists, learn how to support the complete

coordination of your body, mind, and spirit.

We will mix it up by adding different equipment, agility exercises, and cardio. If you are craving that “feel good” feeling you get from working out and want to get your sweat on,

these are the classes for you!

If you are interested in taking Group Classes, please contact the office at

(305) 779-2427 to check availability. You will be asked to join one of our Healthy Spine Classes first, so that one of our movement specialists can evaluate you, and place you into the appropriate class for your level of skill in Pilates.

Ultimate Contrology 
*Focus on building muscle, performance and stamina
Level 2.5
8:00 am - Days may vary

Movimentum II
*Focus on agility and performance
Level 1.5, 2
9:00 am - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Movimentum I
*Focus on movement integration, coordination and balance
Level 1, 1.5
10:00 am - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Healthy Spine 
*Focus on promotion of postural awareness, core control and axial elongation fathom 
Level 1, 1.5 
11:00 am - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

*Focus on postural and spine stability
Level 1.5, 2
11:00 am - Tuesday and Thursday