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The 7 Principles of Movement

Principle 3:

Axial Elongation
Axial elongation places the body in its optimal position to increase available degrees of freedom and increase efficiency of movement.

Principle 4:

Core Control
What is the "The Core"?
Think of the human core, like the "core of an apple", from the head to the tailbone.

So ....... are the abdominals the only core muscles?
No! We must include in our training all the muscles attached to the axis of the human skeleton. This includes muscles of the neck, shoulders, back, pelvic floor, iliopsoas and of course, also the abdominals.

What does it mean to have a "strong core"and "core control"?
It means that you are effectively, timely and efficiently activating the superficial and deep core stabilizing muscles according to the demand of the activity to be performed.

Principle 1:

Movement facilitates Breath. Breath facilitates Movement.
Holding your breath does the opposite to your body. When you hold your breath you increase the abdominal pressure, pause all vital organs, increase the pressure in your lumbar spine and much more!

Please Breathe!

Principle 6:

Alignment of the Extremities
"Ideal Alignment involves all body parts approximating toward the central axis, as much as structure permits."
-Eric Franklin

Principle 5: 

​Spine Segmental Mobility
Distribution of movement = Distribution of forces

This means that each spine individual segment and spine regions have certain movements they can achieve while distributing the forces through the axis to maintain proper posture and alignment.

Principle 7:

Movement Integration
"The movement of the mind is reflected in the movement of the body, and the movement of the body in the movement of the mind. To move is to develop the strength of this dynamic relationship between the mind, body and the living synergy of one's environment."
- Dawn Strom

​Principle 2:

Organization of the head, neck & shoulders

The position of your head over your neck and shoulders will increase the awareness of your internal balance and orientation to the external world.