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Easy, Quick and Navy SEAL approved
Effective in anxiety, insomnia, pain management and even labor!

Box breathing with this 4-4-4 ratio has a net neutral energetic effect. It’s not going to charge you up or put you into a sleepy relaxed state. But it will, as mentioned, make you very alert and grounded, ready for action.

1. To begin, expel all of the air from your chest. Keep your lungs empty for a four-count hold.

2. Then, inhale through the nose for four counts. Hold the air in your lungs for a four-count hold. When you hold your breath, do not clamp down and create back pressure. Rather, maintain an open, neutral feeling even though you are not inhaling.

3. When ready, release the hold and exhale smoothly through your nose for four counts. This is one circuit of the box-breathing practice.

4. Repeat this cycle for at least five minutes to get the full effect.