Happy Memorial Day

We want to wish a very happy Memorial Day to all of our patrons who have served. Thank you for your service! We hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day with their loved ones!

Professionalism Lecture

On May 24th, Dr. Tischenko was asked to lead a Professionalism Lecture at Florida International University. Dr. Tischenko was able to share her expertise and knowledge with the students at FIU, helping them grow as professionals and readying them for their future positions.


Happy 20th Anniversary to PTWC!

This year PTWC celebrated it's 20th Year of Healing. Thank you all so much for the continued support, trust, dedication, and belief. We could not be where we are without our PTWC family. Here's to 20 more! 

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

We want to take a moment to wish you all a Happy Rosh Hashanah! 
May this new year be filled with moments of laughter and love with friends and family. May you be blessed with luck and success. May your year be filled with prosperity, happiness, and good health.


Happy Holidays from your PTWC Family!

JUNE 2023

Time to say goodbye

It is time for us to say goodbye to Kathleen Forness, our student from Florida International University, as she completes her internship. We are so proud of how much she’s grown since May, and we are thrilled that we could be part of her journey. Thank you to our PTWC Family for embracing her with open arms; we can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

APRIL 2023

Take your child to work day

At the end of April, the Mini PTeam came in to PTWC for Take Your Child to Work Day! Dr. Tischenko's daughters ("The Bellas") helped the team with checking patients out, administrative reports, and cleaning up around the clinic! The Bellas also participated in their very own Pilates Group Class with our PTA, Yudy. It was amazing having the Mini PTeam here at the office, and we can't wait to host them again! Their energy is just what we needed at the clinic. 

Happy Doctor's Day!

Happy Doctor's Day to all of the amazing physicians out there who have worked tirelessly to help their patients. Thank you for all that you've done, and all that you continue to do.

We hope you can take a moment today to reflect on your accomplishments,

and on all of the amazing work you've achieved.


Welcome back to PTWC!

We hope you all had an amazing New Year, and we can't wait to get started on 2023! This year, the team is starting off with some in-house training. The PTeam is always working as a team, and this training time will re-strengthen and reinforce how we come together to give all of our patients the best care possible. 

Welcome to the team, Belen!

We wanted to give a big welcome to our new Group Class Scheduler and Rehab Aide Maria Belen Vela. Some of you may recognize her as our former volunteer; we are so lucky to have her back as part of the team.

Belen will be assisting all our group class patrons with their schedules and the

therapists with any clinical responsibilities they need assistance with. 

She is looking forward to helping the team and growing her knowledge. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear PTWC Patrons,

We want to wish all of the mom's in your life a very Happy Mother's Day!
We send our love and appreciation, and we hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

To the moms, thank you for all that you do! Your dedication and hard work is truly inspiring. We hope your day is filled with love, laughter, and gratitude.

With admiration,
Dr. Tischenko & The PTeam

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we want to take a moment to say how incredibly grateful we are for your continued trust and dedication over the last 20 years. Thank you for sharing in our celebration, in our pride, and in our joy.

Without your consistency, PTWC could not be where it is today and we

are eternally appreciative of your support. We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful

Thanksgiving holiday, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


Happy Labor Day!

We hope you all have a very Happy Labor Day! From our team to your, thank you for all the hard work you do day to day, year to year. 


Congrats to Dr. Kathleen Forness

We are so excited to report that our student, Kathleen Forness, has officially passed her Medical Boards exam! We could not be prouder of her accomplishments, and we are so grateful to be part of her journey. Dr. Forness will begin her journey as a travel Physical Therapist, helping clinics and hospitals across the U.S. to treat patients. We wish her the very best, and hope to see her in the future!

Our First Diaper Pick-Up!

In November 2022, we began our end of year Diaper Drive and were able to collect a whopping 7,303 diapers for the Miami Diaper Bank! This is an amazing feat, and we want to first and foremost take a moment to thank everyone who participated in donating.

However, we are hopeful that in February, during the season of love and caring, we can still reach our goal of 10,000 diapers donated. The 7,303 diapers we collected last year were picked up by the Miami Diaper Bank and during pick up, the coordinator informed us that the warehouse was empty due to the high demand brought on by the holidays. So, we are hoping not only to reach our goal, but to continue to support our community.

We have extended our deadline until the end of February in hopes to push toward our goal to help Florida mothers and caretakers with all their diaper needs. Remember you can purchase diapers on Amazon and have them shipped directly to our clinic. 

We want to thank you in advance for your kindness and your help.

We look forward to reaching our goal with our PTWC Family.

With love and appreciation,
Dr. Tischenko & The PTeam

Happy Yom Kippur

We want to take a moment to wish you all good Yom Kippur.

May all your prayers be heard, and may you and your loved ones be blessed with all you seek. We hope you have a fantastic year ahead filled with happiness.


Final Donation!

At the end of February, PTWC was able to successfully complete a second diaper pick-up with the Miami Diaper Bank. While we did not hit our initial goal of 10,000 diapers donated, we were still able to collect an amazing 9,749 diapers. We are so incredibly grateful to the PTWC family for donating, and helping us give back to those in need. We truly could not have done it without your shared love and compassion. 

JULY 2023

Happy Independence Day!

We hope you all have a Happy Fourth of July!

Stay safe and have fun with your friends and family.

MARCH 2023

PTWC goes on holiday

This year, the PTeam decided to close the clinic from Monday, March 20, 2023 - Friday, March 24, 2023. The staff will be taking the week to acknowledge Spring Break with their kids & loved ones, and to re-charge for April. Thank you for allowing us the time to rest, and come back better than ever!

We hope you have a wonderful week!

With Love and Appreciation,
Dr. Anna Katerina Tischenko & The PTeam


MAY 2023

Welcome to Kathleen!

At the start of May, we welcomed our new student from Florida International University, Kathleen Forness. We are so excited to be part of her journey, and watch her grow as a PT.

Here is a message from the future Dr. Forness: 

​"Hello! My name is Kathleen Forness and I am currently a 3rd year Doctor of Physical Therapy Student at Florida International University. Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, Inc. is my last clinical before I graduate in August and I am so excited to learn more from Dr. Tischenko and work with her and all of her colleagues at this facility. I believe that this final clinical internship will be the perfect end to an amazing three years at FIU.
A little bit about me: I grew up in Sunrise, Florida and I began playing soccer at the age of eight years old. I fell in love with the sport and it quickly became my entire life. I played club soccer for Weston F.C. and I also played for my high school team at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. I couldn't give up the sport that I love just yet, so I continued to play for the club team at Florida State University while I was getting my Bachelors Degree in Biology. This sport was a major part of my life for a very long time and with a long career in soccer, comes many many injuries. I worked through several injuries throughout my career and I couldn't have done that without the help of Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers. 

Although I recognized just how important Physical Therapy was and how much of an impact it had on my life, I still wasn't quite sure that this was the career path I wanted to pursue. Over the course of my undergraduate years, I shadowed several MDs, DOs, Surgeons, PAs, etc. to see where I fit in in the medical field and what felt like “home”. Out of nowhere, I saw that there was a job opening as a PT Technician at the Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic. I interviewed for the position, got the job, and I worked at this clinic for my last two and a half years of college. This is where I finally felt at home and at this clinic, I got to see just how magical the field of Physical Therapy is. To this day, it truly amazes me how many different pathologies can be treated with movement. Physical Therapy is a universal tool that can be utilized by anyone to restore function and movement, promote healing and pain relief, and also improve overall health and well being. I hope as time goes on, more and more people recognize just how beneficial the field of Physical Therapy is and we become everyone’s first choice for treatment. 

Following graduation and the boards exam, I plan to do Travel PT for a couple years to gain experience in the field and explore as many states as I can. I love to travel and I am grateful that working as a Physical Therapist can give me the opportunity to do so. After Travel PT, I would like to take part in a Neurologic Residency Program to become more specialized in the field and eventually, my goal is to work with and treat Spinal Cord Injury patients. 

I look forward to working with all of you and learning as much as I can while I am here. I am excited to learn new techniques that Dr. Tischenko is so passionate about, such as Pilates and Myofascial Release, and incorporate them into my treatment sessions with you all. I am open to any and all feedback as I work as a clinical intern at Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, Inc. for the next 10 weeks. Your feedback will only help me to become a better student and an even more well-rounded Doctor of Physical Therapy!"

Dr. Tischenko goes back to school!

On May 8th, Dr. Tischenko returned Nova Southeastern University to instruct the Physical Therapy students for the Neuroanatomy Review. She truly enjoys doing this review session and helping new graduates prepare for the National Licensing Board Exam. 

Happy Father's Day!

Dear PTWC Patrons,

We want to wish all of the dad's in your life a very

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you for all that you do, and for all that you've always done. We hope that you have a wonderful day with your loved ones, and that you take a moment to celebrate!

Sending our love,

Dr. Tischenko & The PTeam

Time for Back to School!

As we enter the back to school season, we want to wish you and your loved ones a good 2023-2024 school year! We can't wait to see what this year brings, and we wish you the best of luck from the bottom of our hearts!

Returning to FIU

On May 10th, Dr. Tischenko also returned to her position as Professor of Neuroanatomy at Florida International University. She will teaching every week this summer, and we wish her the best of luck with her new students!


Welcome back to Dr. Brii!

Dear PTWC Patrons,

We would like to announce that Dr. Valentina Briceño is coming back to PTWC! After a year of being away, we are thrilled to have her back as part of the PTeam. As some of you may know, Dr. Briceño was away completing her Masters Degree in Sports Injury and Re-adaptation at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in Spain.

During her time in Barcelona, Dr. Briceño had the opportunity to work with therapists from Spain, Chile, & Argentina under the guidance of professionals who work for Futbol Club Barcelona, Real Club Espanyol, and Manchester City. She was also able to work with professional tennis player Andrea Lazaro Garcia (WTA180), traveling with her to tournaments from France to the UK, while leading her recovery from a hip and ankle injury that kept her off the courts for some time. She concluded her program with a thesis focused on determining the best protocol for GIRD in handball players.

We are so excited to see how her new knowledge and expertise will contribute to your wellness and recovery! Here is a message from Dr. Briceño to the PTWC family:

"Barcelona was AMAZING and all, but I could not stay away from all of you; I AM BACK! Back with new energy, new tools, new vibes but the same Dr. Brii. Can’t wait to see you all♥️"

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&  Wellness Center, Inc.

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