JULY 2022

Happy Fourth of July

Dear PTWC Patrons,
We hope you all have a very
Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Stay safe and enjoy this time with your loved ones.

Happy Doctor's Day!


The team at PTWC wishes you a Happy Doctor’s Day! 
We hope you have a wonderful day, and that you can take a few minutes to cherish all your accomplishments, challenges and your personal-professional journey!!! 
We want to thank you for trusting us with the care of your patients, your loved ones and even your care.
We want to take this day to show our appreciation for always offering your support and guidance.



Dr. Tischenko, Dr. Monica Burns, Dr. Valen Briceño,

Megan Sullivan, Yudy Canciobello, Jecilin Castro-Giraldo


Happy Memorial Day

We want to wish a very happy Memorial Day to all of our patrons who have served. Thank you for your service! We hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day with their loved ones!

Whistle while you work...

In March, our classroom got a much needed construction update, to help some noise that was occurring from our laundry pipe. While we had to cancel classes for some time, we're happy to say that the noise is gone and we can get back to enjoying classes! Thanks for your patience, and we can't wait to get you moving again!


Welcome back to PTWC!

The team at PTWC welcomes you back for the new year. We're so excited for whats to come! 

Valen and Yudy take a trip

Our staff members Dr. Valentina Briceño and Yudy Canciobello went to Orlando, Florida to

participate in the John F. Barnes MFR 1 Seminar. 

 John F. Barnes is an internationally recognized physical therapist, lecturer, author, and the leading authority on Myofascial Release. Through his 50 years of experience and creative insight, he has developed an innovative and highly effective whole body approach for the evaluation and treatment of pain and dysfunction. Myofascial Release is recognized as the most effective form of healthcare therapy.

We're so excited that our team members can continue to learn new ways to help our PTWC patrons!

Happy National Bosses Day 

Happy Boss's Day to our fearless leader Dr. Anna Tischenko! Thank you for always being an amazing mentor and teacher. We hope you can take a moment today to reflect on all of your amazing work, and all of you've done for the community. With Love, the PTeam

Back to School Season

As we enter the back to school season, we want to wish you and your loved ones a good 2022-2023 school year!

We can't wait to see what this year brings, and we wish you the best of luck from the bottom of our hearts!

Happy Halloween to our PTWC Family 

MAY 2022

Dr. Tischenko goes back to school!

At the start of May, Dr. Tischenko returned Nova Southeastern University to instruct the Physical Therapy students for the Neuroanatomy Review.

Just a week later, she returned to her position as Professor of Neuroanatomy at Florida International University. She will teaching every week this summer, and we wish her the best of luck with her new students!

National Take Your Child to Work Day

The Bella's joined us at the clinic this year for National Take Your Child to Work Day.

We love have the MiniTeam here with us at the office, and we hope you all enjoyed having them here,

as much as they enjoyed being here. 

"Zoom Has Ruined Your Golf Swing"

Dr. Anna Tischenko and one of our patrons James McLean published an article in SwingU Clubhouse Magazine. They decided to analyze how the change into zoom centered communication after the COVID-19 Global Health Emergency, is affecting players' golf swings. 

 Click on the link below to read their article to understand how zoom has affected your swing, what you can do about it, and what that means for the overall health of your body. 


We Wish you a good Yom Kippur​

​Dear PTWC Patrons,

We want to take a moment to wish you all good Yom Kippur! 

May all your prayers be heard,
and may you
and your loved ones be
blessed with all you seek.
We hope you have a fantastic year
ahead filled with happiness.

With love,
Dr. Tischenko & The PTeam

APRIL 2022

Happy Administrative Professional's Day

Happy Administrative Professional's Day to the PTWC ATeam! Thank you for all that you do!


PTWC Takes a break...

As we approach the end of summer, it is time for our staff to take some time and

re-connect with their loved ones, to rest & re-charge.

The office will be closed for the first week of August,

but we look forward to seeing you all soon!

MARCH 2022

Happy St. Patricks Day

Celebrating Mother's Day 

Dear PTWC Patrons, 

We want to wish all of the mom's in your life a very

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you for all that you do, and for all that you've always done. We hope that you have a wonderful, safe day with your loved ones and that you can take a few minutes to enjoy your special day!

Sending our love,
Dr. Tischenko & The PTeam

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Dear PTWC Patrons,

We want to take a moment to wish you all a very
Happy Rosh Hashanah! 
May this new year be filled with moments of laughter and love with friends and family. May you be blessed with luck and success. May your year be filled with prosperity, happiness, and good health.

With love,
Dr. Tischenko & The PTeam


The season of giving​

Dear PTWC Patrons,

In lieu of gifts for our team this holiday season, we ask that you partake in our Annual 2022 Diaper Drive to help South Florida mothers, caretakers, and children in need.

We will once again be partnering with the Miami Diaper Bank to collect diapers for

babies of all ages. Last year, we were able to raise an amazing 8,900 diapers.

This year, we hope to beat our count and raise an amazing
10,000 diapers to help Florida mothers and caretakers
with all their diaper needs.

The Miami Diaper Bank needs your help now more than ever. Due to the damage and displacement from Hurricane Ian this year, the Miami Diaper Bank has been experiencing supply issues and are quickly running through their stock. Scroll down to watch a video regarding the supply issues that the diaper bank is currently experiencing. We hope you can donate to help us alleviate their demands, even if in a small way.

We want to thank you in advance for your kindness and your help.

We look forward to reaching our goal with our PTWC Family.

With love and appreciation,
Dr. Tischenko & The PTeam


Happy Valentines Day

The PTWC family wishes you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you have a wonderful day with your family, and that you can spend some time taking care of YOU.

Happy New Years!

Happy 19th Year Anniversary to PTWC

Happy 19th year anniversary to Physical Therapy and Wellness Center and to Dr. Anna Tischenko. Thank you to our PTWC for always believing in us, and for trusting us with you care and dedication. We wouldn't be here without you and we hope to be able to celebrate another 19 years. Thank you for becoming part of our community, and for welcoming us in yours. 


Happy Holidays from the team at PTWC! 

JUNE 2022

Happy Father's Day!

Dear PTWC Patrons,

We want to wish all of the dad's in your life a very

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you for all that you do, and for all that you've always done. We hope that you have a wonderful day with your loved ones, and that you take a moment to celebrate!

Sending our love,

Dr. Tischenko & The PTeam

Click Below to Read the Article!

Physical Therapy

&  Wellness Center, Inc.

7800 Red Road. Suite 105. South Miami, FL 33143

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear PTWC Patrons,

This Thanksgiving, we want to take a moment to say how incredibly grateful we are

for your continued trust and dedication.

Without your consistency, PTWC could not be where it is today and

we are eternally appreciative of your support. We hope you and your loved

ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


The PTeam & Dr. Anna Katerina Tischenko

We also want to take this moment to express our gratitude for

your unconditional support to our mom and us!

Isabella, Annabella & Gabriella


A Message of Thanks

We want to take a moment to say a very heartfelt goodbye to Dr. Valentina Briceño-Faria.
Dr. Briceño will be moving for the next year to complete her Masters Degree in Barcelona, Spain at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. The Master's Degree in Sports Physiotherapy and Re-adaptation to Physical Activity enables professionals to specialize in treating pathologies deriving from sports activities of all types: leisure, amateur or professional.She has made an enormous impact on not only the staff, but on all of her patients and she will be incredibly missed by the PTWC Family. Below, please find a message from her to the PTWC Family: 

"Dear PTWC Patrons,
I have few words to express my feelings for the first year of my career. 
In summary: THANK YOU. 
Thank you for teaching me that quality of time surpasses any quantity of time.
Thank you for teaching me that this is a journey we embark on together. 
Thank you for teaching me that Physical Therapy is not only about exercise, but also good conversation.
Thank you for showing me the pathway to each and every one of your healing journeys.
Thank you for showing me your most vulnerable side, in order to bring out your strongest. 
Thank you for showing me that I am capable of more than I give myself credit for.
Thank you for trusting me with your body and mind.
Thank you for trusting me with your family and friends.
Thank you for trusting me even when I said “I’m not sure but let's find out”.
Thank you for allowing me to be creative with your activities even when they seemed a bit out there. 
Thank you for allowing me to explore options and possibilities despite your pain. 
Finally, Thank you for allowing me to embark on this new journey for myself and for you! 
I hope as I am absent physically from the clinic you continue to keep me present in your

rehabilitation & wellness process. 
Thank you all for your amazing words of affirmation and praise; they have filled my heart to capacity

and I will carry them with me always!
I will do my best to keep you all up-to-date with pictures and adventures from Barcelona. In the meantime,

don’t get yourself in too much trouble; I will be back to get you!
Not a goodbye just a “going away for a bit”.

Valen, Dr. B, Dr. Brii, Dr. BK 
A.K.A: Valentina Briceño Faria PT, DPT."