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Happy Valentines Day

The PTWC family wishes you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you have a wonderful day with your family, and that you can spend some time taking care of YOU.


Welcome back to PTWC!

The team at PTWC welcomes you back for the new year. We're so excited for whats to come! 

Valen and Yudy take a trip

Our staff members Dr. Valentina Briceño and Yudy Canciobello went to Orlando, Florida to

participate in the John F. Barnes MFR 1 Seminar. 

 John F. Barnes is an internationally recognized physical therapist, lecturer, author, and the leading authority on Myofascial Release. Through his 50 years of experience and creative insight, he has developed an innovative and highly effective whole body approach for the evaluation and treatment of pain and dysfunction. Myofascial Release is recognized as the most effective form of healthcare therapy.

We're so excited that our team members can continue to learn new ways to help our PTWC patrons!

"Zoom Has Ruined Your Golf Swing"

Dr. Anna Tischenko and one of our patrons James McLean published an article in SwingU Clubhouse Magazine. They decided to analyze how the change into zoom centered communication after the COVID-19 Global Health Emergency, is affecting players' golf swings. 

 Click on the link below to read their article to understand how zoom has affected your swing, what you can do about it, and what that means for the overall health of your body.