Physical Therapy

&  Wellness Center, Inc.

7800 Red Road. Suite 105. South Miami, FL 33143

Welcome to Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, Inc. 

a fully equipped rehabilitation and wellness center, led by 

Dr. Anna Katerina Tischenko, PhD, PT

& serving the South Florida community since 2003. 

We offer individualized physical therapy, post-rehabilitation programs, injury prevention and wellness services that will optimize your performance, provide you with healing energy, alleviate your pain, and restore the movements which will allow you to enjoy your personal life journey.

Our unique and personalized sessions include traditional interventions, Pilates based programs, myofascial release, LSVT BIG®, wellness & fitness programs that are designed to meet your individual abilities, needs, and goals.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of wellness programs and small group fitness classes. Our wellness and fitness programs include core strengthening, total body conditioning, Pilates, cardio endurance, sport injury prevention, TRX® suspension training, plyometrics, balance, coordination, performance, return to sports & work, etc.

PTWC & the PTeam are committed to helping you maximize your movements and to optimize your quality of life.​