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7800 Red Road. Suite 105. South Miami, FL 33143

​​If you are interested in taking virtual classes,

please contact the office at (305) 779-2427.

Virtual ​​Group Classes During COVID-19

In these classes, we will work together to keep your body in motion, and continue to enhance your core strength, postural alignment, and flexibility. During the class all the Principles of Movement will be explored.

Under the guidance of our movement specialist, support the complete

coordination of your body, mind, and spirit.

We will mix it up by adding different equipment, agility exercises, and cardio. If you are craving that “feel good” feeling you get from working out at the center and want to get your sweat on,

these are the classes for you!

The equipment needed for class includes:

- A steady chair (dining room chairs are great!)
- A pillow
- A towel (beach towel works well!)
- Mat, or a blanket that you can fold as a "mat"
- Weights
- Elastic bands

We can't wait to see you!

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